Miss Tourism Vietnam


Pham Lan Anh


Foreigner Skill Trainee Manager


Piano, martial arts, charity and travelling

Ambition in life:

I want to become an influential spokesperson who can help rid the world of racism and sexism that still exists today; calling for peace, helping the poor, and achieving success as a businesswoman.

Welcome to my country… VIETNAM!!!

Hi, my name is Pham Lan Anh and I am Miss Tourism Vietnam 2018.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Vietnam as I wish to promote the beauty of culture, nature and tourism and come together with other ambassadors from around the world to call for the protection and preservation of our Earth, to ensure it stays and remains green, clean and beautiful. We are in the midst of a global crisis in regards to the environment and if we don’t come together it will not be around for future generations. Through this shared vision it is my hope that unity will lead to a better understanding of each other cultures, in order to make the world more connected, unified and peaceful.

Come for a visit and see everything Vietnam has to offer for yourself.