Miss Tourism Japan


Taina Chuck




English literature, travelling, cooking, paragliding, yoga and collecting tea


To always follow my heart and make myself and others around me happy.

Welcome to my country of JAPAN!!!

Hi, my name is Taina Chuck and I am Miss Tourism Japan 2018.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Japan.

As a Tourism Ambassador for my country, I would like to use my past experiences as a person of mixed race that was born and raised in Japan to emphasize the importance of opening up our hearts to all kinds of people and cultures from all over the world. The population of mixed raced children and young adults such as myself is increasing day by day, and it’s time to make a stand and let people know that society should accept these diversities in order to decrease the amount of children and adults that are being bullied in society, simply for their diversity. Having been born and raised in Yamagata Prefecture I was always surrounded by so much greenery, the mountains, the rice fields and all the trees. In this modern society when the number of farmers is rapidly decreasing due to the lack of interest in agriculture by the younger generation, I would like to be the next Miss Tourism World to show the young people the beauty of nature on mother earth and encourage them to learn about the farming traditions that exist in our country so as to protect our truly valuable nature and traditions.

Come for a visit and see everything Japan has to offer for yourself.