Miss Tourism Great Britain


Kobi-Jean Cole


Cabin Crew


Singing, acting, spending time with family and walking my dog


My ambition in life is simple. I want to be of use. I am very aware that one person cannot change the world, but i also know that one person, one act of kindness can change someone’s day.

Welcome to my country… .Great Britain!!!

Hi, my name is Kobi-Jean Cole and I am Miss Tourism Great Britain 2018.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Great Britain as I am no stranger to travelling, I have backpacked all over Asia and Australia meeting the most amazing people, tasting the most delicious food and witnessing magical moments whilst understanding and appreciating all of the different cultures and rituals this beautiful world has to offer.  I understand how real poverty is and I understand how luxurious some parts of the world are. I have witnessed first-hand the good and the bad side of tourism.

Come for a visit and see everything Great Britain has to offer for yourself.

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