Miss Tourism Taiwan 2015


Lin Kuan Hsing




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Help the poor and less fortunate in life

Welcome to my country… TAIWAN!!!

Hi, my name is Lin Kuan Hsing and I am Miss Tourism Taiwan 2015.
I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Taiwan. As a Tourism ambassador for my country I will introduce the world to Taiwan. I want to promote Taiwan’s beauty. It is a wonderful island with many ethnic and modern salient features, treasured breath taking sceneries, delicious snacks, and even the weather. Taiwan has caught the eyes, and envy, of many travellers with our particular culture. I would like to introduce Taiwan’s night market foods to foreigners the most.

No matter where we are in Taiwan, there will always be local products and snacks with flavours unique to the town for everyone to discover. Even locals are continuously surprised. The famous ones include steam buns, stinky tofu, intestine noodles, spring rolls, backed cakes, crullers, the insanely famous drink-bubble tea, and the list goes on. I yearn for my hometown’s bubble tea when I think of it. Taiwanese snacks have started to take presence on the world stage, and I would like to further promote that, as well as Taiwan’s culture and nature.  My role as an ambassador will also allow me to spread the goodwill of the Miss Tourism World program. I want to let as many people, especially the young adult generation, to celebrate beauty, value each of our own cultures, and encourage tourism so that we can all have a positive global view.

Come for a visit and see everything Taiwan has to offer for yourself.