Miss Tourism Mexico 2015


Jessica Vasquez Holguin


Administrative Manager


Reading, listening to music and keeping fit.


I want to continue growing as a person and make my parents proud of me, of the education I received from them and what can achieve. Now that I finished my bachelor’s I would like to start a Master’s degree to learn more and become a successful woman. I am an independent woman and I like to pursue my own projects and vision. I would like to share all of this with someone special and start a family, like my parents did and raise my children with the same values I was raised with.


Welcome to my country… MEXICO!!

Hi, my name is Jessica Vasquez Holguin and I am Miss Tourism Mexico 2015.
I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Mexico. I offer determination, strength and motivation to become both the ambassador of my country and Miss Tourism World. For this it is required determination and besides beauty. I want to share the experience and values learnt at home to make my home country to stand out. I want to share how the Mexican beauty is, not only physical but inner too. I want to tell women of the world that we can be beautiful and successful to spread the love and kindness that I know we all have to share. I want to do my part to change the world, I believe that beneath everything there is something good, there is hope and beauty, I repeat, not physical but inner beauty.
Come for a visit and see everything Mexico has to offer for yourself.