Miss Tourism Benelux 2015


Lore Ven




Sports and drawing

Ambition in Life:

My ambition is quite diverse. I am someone that works for everything. Everything I do I want to achieve. I want to do things that mean a lot, helping people were necessary and mean something for people themselves. I grab every opportunity with my two hands. Also obtain my diploma and have a beautiful job is a must in my life. Finally I want what every woman wants, a nice house with a beautiful family.

Welcome to my country………..BENELUX!!!

Hi, my name is Lore Ven and I am Miss Tourism Benelux 2014.
I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Benelux. I love to travel around the world, to see the difference between different countries and to learn about their lifestyle and culture. You see the world in a different way, the positive and negative side, but that’s what makes traveling so beautiful. Through this contest you get to know the beauty of each country, we can see the difference between the contestants. So may I represent the wonderful Benelux. Each city has its own specialties and sights, that’s what makes tourism so beautiful. You can see I encourage tourism, so I’m hoping to get the chance to let you know the beauty, lifestyle and sights of the Benelux. Even the difference between the three countries in the Benelux that I represent. A beautiful and great chance to make Benelux more famous.

Come for a visit and see everything Benelux has to offer for yourself.