Miss Tourism Serbia 2016

NAME: Sanja Romic

OCCUPATION: Economics Student     

INTERESTS: Recreational sports, photography, painting, travelling and humanitarian work with children.

AMBITION IN LIFE: To achieve success in a private and professional level. To have my family and to establish an export-import business.



Welcome to my country………..SERBIA!!!

Hi, my name is Sanja Romic and I am Miss Tourism Serbia 2016.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Serbia.

Serbia is a country of the Slavs, located in the Balkan Mountains on the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. My country is known for its great hospitality, great fun time and food specialities, beautiful people, excellent athletes and world renowned scientists.

Serbia is a country with a long, rich and incredible history. My nation is brave and proud with great successes of our athletes, like Novak Djokovic. Our basketball, water polo and volleyball players are European and World champions and as such they justify the great love and dedication of our people to the sport.

Serbs are a nation that loves and respects the culture and tradition of family. People who love partying and music.

An incredible natural resources, national parks, our cities and their atmospheres are part of what attracts tourists all over the world to visit our country.

Come for a visit and see everything Serbia has to offer for yourself.