Miss Tourism Russia 2016

NAME: Valery Timkina

OCCUPATION: University Student

INTERESTS: Keeping fit, psychology, sociology and foreign languages.

AMBITION IN LIFE: My big dream from the very childhood is traveling! I believe traveling is the best teacher! It inspires you to be brave, curious and always full of energy, it motivates on great deals, brings power and love back into your souls! That’s why my future career is closely connected with it. Now I’m studying English and Spanish at university and preparing to be a teacher. I know that it is great responsibility to teach people but I want to inspire everyone and become very useful. I want to leave a mark in history and become an example not only for my own children but also for students I taught!




Welcome to my country………..RUSSIA!!!

Hi, my name is Valery Timkina and I am Miss Tourism Russia 2016.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Russia. I will do all my best to represent my native country on the highest level! I will tell about Russian great history, culture and traditions. I will make contestants from other countries feel the atmosphere and all deep spirits of my native country! I suppose the main aim of international contests is to unite all nations and make everyone stay friendly and open-hearted. So, I’m really happy to be the part of Miss Tourism World big family and believe I will leave only good impression!

Come for a visit and see everything Russia has to offer for yourself.