Miss Tourism Puerto Rico 2016

NAME: Ileyrimar Santos Perez

OCCUPATION: University Student

INTERESTS: Going to the beach and spending time with family and friends.

AMBITION IN LIFE: To be a great teacher and help kids to grow so we can work together to build a better future.




Welcome to my country………..PUERTO RICO!!!

Hi, my name is Ileyrimar Santos Perez and I am Miss Tourism Puerto Rico 2016.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Puerto Rico.

By being the ambassador for Tourism for my country and Miss Tourism World, I can offer my preparation, talents, and the will to spread a positive message to the society, to contribute for the development and growth of the competition. Tourism is one of the most important contributor for my country, Puerto Rico, and a really important part in our culture. Knowing this I would definitely take advantage of the exposition that brings with been Miss Tourism World. In this way, not only I can spread what I know about tourism of Puerto Rico in different places, but also I can make a positive impact on other countries so other girls can have the chance to learn about the competition and the opportunities we get from it. I also believe that every competitor should work hand in hand with the organization, showing true dedication and love, and I am prepared to work with you all.

Come for a visit and see everything Puerto Rico has to offer for yourself.