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Miss Tourism Philippines 2017

NAME: Marian Angelu Perez Alacantara


INTERESTS: Dancing, reading and listening to music

AMBITION IN LIFE: My ambition in life is to be able to inspire others through my actions. I want to be able to explore the world further and immerse myself deeper in various cultures and traditions because I believe that although our beliefs may vary, we are all human. We are all connected to one another.





Welcome to my country………..PHILIPPINES!!!

Hi, my name is Marian Angelu Perez Alacantara and I am Miss Tourism Philippines 2017.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for the Philippines.

As a millennial, I have brand new ideas that I have grasped simply by relating to other youths around my age. As an ambassador of tourism, I can offer the world and with my country a different approach and perspective on how to promote the beauty of each country. We are now in the age of millennials, and travelling is not just a form of vacation but a means of self-discovery.

Come for a visit and see everything the Philippines has to offer for yourself.