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Miss Tourism Nigeria 2017

NAME: Joy Arhwere Ekpoke

OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer

INTERESTS: Designing dresses and singing

AMBITION IN LIFE: To become a successful fashion designer and a good team leader. Having a massive fashion home to empower the youth and youngsters to give them a sense of belonging in our society.




Welcome to my country………..NIGERIA!!!

Hi, my name is Joy Arhwere Ekpoke and I am Miss Tourism Nigeria 2017.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Nigeria.

My first aim is to partner with influential people to help drive tourism growth in and outside my country.

Nigeria is one of the few countries that have the diversity of cultures, languages and beliefs, as a fact we have 250 ethnic tribes from the four regions of Nigeria.

I wish to spread positive values of our cultures and by understanding and appreciating each other we can live in peace and harmony.

Come for a visit and see everything Nigeria has to offer for yourself.