Miss Tourism New Zealand 2016

NAME: Jade Norman

OCCUPATION: Model & Actress

INTERESTS: Riding my horses, acting and dancing

AMBITION IN LIFE: To become an accomplished actress and inspire others to follow their dreams.




Welcome to my country………..NEW ZEALAND!!!

Hi, my name is Jade Norman and I am Miss Tourism New Zealand 2016.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for New Zealand.

As an ambassador for my country I would like to promote the unique and natural beauty of New Zealand.

In New Zealand we are blessed to have a clean clear environment, friendly people and wonderful culture. Everywhere you turn there are magical adventures to be had.

The clean beaches, the pure countryside, swimming in clear lakes or climbing to the top of mountains, everywhere is beauty. In New Zealand there is something for everyone.

Come for a visit and see everything New Zealand has to offer for yourself.