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Miss Tourism Myanmar 2017

NAME: Khit Lin Latt Yoon

OCCUPATION: Model & Actress

INTERESTS: Travelling, learning new cultures, making new friends and eating delicious foods.

AMBITION IN LIFE: To become a successful icon.




Welcome to my country………..MYANMAR!!!

Hi, my name is Khit Lin Latt Yoon and I am Miss Tourism Myanmar 2017.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Myanmar.

As Miss Tourism Myanmar 2017, I can help foreign visitors all over the world by showing many amazing tourist destinations of my country Myanmar with its rich culture & tradition and the hospitality of my people.  I can also represent my best as a global ambassador who can deliver the message of cultural exchange between countries, promote various kinds of tourism development by attracting investors & visitors and educate tourism awareness and its value to the people for the interest of every country in the entire universe.

Come for a visit and see everything Myanmar has to offer for yourself.