Miss Tourism Mexico 2016

NAME: Marilyn Suazo


INTERESTS: Modeling, reading, going to the gym, spending time with my family and friends.


AMBITION IN LIFE: Being a beauty queen at International level. Meeting the diverse cultures of the world, to travel and show that my country is full up with culture, tradition and people willing to follow their dreams. Help people who need it most by forming group homes and schools that benefit the same.




Welcome to my country………..MEXICO!!!

Hi, my name is Marilyn Suazo and I am Miss Tourism Mexico 2016.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Mexico.

Win or lose I am ready to participate in all campaigns and for having for free, the sponsors propose them create jobs in towns or areas whose population is in extreme poverty, propose in their collections money raised should be for create schools in those areas, make promotions on urban education to prevent contamination prevent illegal dumping, through television or any mass media to educate people throw trash in their previously separate place, educate conserve mantles aquifers, conserve water that comes tubed, I wish I could do something to regulate large corporations or factories that pollute the world by the emission of toxic gases or waste they generate and they really are the real destroyers of the world.To create a better world would participate in campaigns to promote human values mainly are the basis to sensitize humanity to what is really going on I would focus on children to keep them away from drugs factor that immunizes them or kill them love around them and the desire to move on avoiding any obstacles to achieve their goals.


Come for a visit and see everything Mexico has to offer for yourself.