Miss Tourism Malaysia 2016

NAME: Yan Yi Tan (Darlene)


INTERESTS: Swimming, singing and reading

AMBITION IN LIFE: To be a Pharmacist




Welcome to my country………..MALAYSIA!!!

Hi, my name is Yan Ti Yan and I am Miss Tourism Malaysia 2016.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Malaysia.

As an ambassador representing my country, Malaysia, being born, raised and educated in Malaysia even though I am still at an early age, I have lived, experienced and learnt a great deal about our harmonious friendly culture, our natural attractions, man made attractions and of course the myriad of local food and flavours that we are proud of.

Being from the Millenial generation, I will be able to give different perspective that is more in tune with the current “age of information”. I wish and I hope to represent my country in this time of endless stream of information to guide and promote the country to the world and future tourists so they will get to experience Malaysia and have a wonderful and fulfilling visit.

Being able to take part in the miss tourism world will not only allow me to showcase my country to the world but to show that this pageant is not just a beauty contest but an important stage where all the cultures from all over the world meet and exchange experiences, learning from each other for us to tell back home and make this world a more peaceful place. It is an important event that showcases all of the different countries together as friends to the world.


Come for a visit and see everything Malaysia has to offer for yourself.