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Miss Tourism Indonesia 2015

NAME: Nuwang Wulan Hanafi
INTERESTS: Sports, dancing, travelling and swimming
AMBITION IN LIFE: To inspire every young woman to achieve their dreams by hard work, sincerity, will and faith

Welcome to my country………..INDONESIA!!!
Hi, my name is Nuwang Wulan Hanafi and I am Miss Tourism Indonesia 2015.
I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Indonesia. Indonesia will not only offering you a great place for holiday, but also a spiritual excitement and experiences. We have lots of beautiful beaches, mountain lakes and many others. We also have many different culture, language, art in each are of our countries.
Travelling around Indonesia will not only refresh your mind, but also your soul, because we are not only offering you a beautiful place to visit, but also the philosophy and every tourism spot has their own stories.

Come for a visit and see everything Indonesia has to offer for yourself.