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Miss Tourism India 2017

NAME: Ishika Taneja

OCCUPATION: Actor and Entrepreneur

INTERESTS: I am a traveller by soul, mediator by spirit and foodie by choice

AMBITION IN LIFE: I love to dream with my eyes open because I know dreams are reality. I believe when dreams are pure, God is very generous.




Welcome to my country………..INDIA!!!

Hi, my name is Ishika Taneja and I am Miss Tourism India 2017.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for India.

As a Tourism Ambassador for my country I would urge people to explore medical tourism of India, making affordable facilities accessible and availability to the underservices and underprivileged countries, adding my bit to humanity and at the same time help increase indirect tourism, boost economy and employment of my nation.

Come for a visit and see everything India has to offer for yourself.