Miss Tourism Ghana 2016

NAME: Sumaya Hamidu


INTERESTS: Listening to music, watching movies, making new friends and cooking.

AMBITION IN LIFE: My ambition is to be an Entrepreneur who can impact my country.  I would like to establish myself in a way that I can create room for other people and create job opportunities for others. 




Welcome to my country………..GHANA!!!

Hi, my name is Sumaya Hamidu and I am Miss Tourism Ghana 2016.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Ghana.

As an Ambassador of Tourism for my country, I will promote tourism in my own small way such as helping in discovering the hidden tourism sites and treasures in the country by having sites on the internet that unravels all the tourism sites that the country possesses and their locations and also promote sanitation.  I will simply sell the tourism potentials of my country to the world.

As my Miss Tourism World, I will represent the tourism world for people and countries to realize and understand how best tourism can help in a country’s development and how to bring investors from all over the world who can contribute to their development.

Come for a visit and see everything Ghana has to offer for yourself.