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Miss Tourism Croatia 2017

NAME: Magdalena Brkic


INTERESTS: Fashion, modelling, playing handball and singing in a choir.

AMBITION IN LIFE: I would like to bring a world crown to my country, finish college and become a handball coach. I want to show everyone that women can be independent and do a lot in her life.




Welcome to my country………..CROATIA!!!

Hi, my name is Magdalena Brkic and I am Miss Tourism Croatia 2017.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Croatia.

Being an ambassador for my country is my honour, and I’m so happy to represent my country at this world wide pageant. In beautiful Malaysia I have a privilege to show you that Croatia is beautiful and stunning too. I come from the eastern part of Croatia, called Slavonia, where people are hardworking and always kind. My city is the oldest city in Europe, and it’s called Vinkovci. Croatia has a beautiful sea and famous cities like: Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar. Our capital is Zagreb, the world-famous destination during Christmas holidays. I am an athlete and crazy about doing sports, especially handball and badminton. As an athlete I can show people that it is really important to do sports, and take care of your body. Playing sports helps you stay in shape, teaches you how to organize your time, boosts friendships, and builds relationships with your peers and adults. I grew up in a big family with six brothers and sisters. I had a modest but happy childhood, full of love from my parents. I want to show the world that it does not matter where you are born, how much money you have or will have, but to believe in yourself and build your own life. I want to help every women on this planet to become stronger and I want to show everyone that a woman can be beautiful, smart and independent.

Come for a visit and see everything Croatia has to offer for yourself.