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Miss Tourism Bangladesh 2017

NAME: Priota Iftekhar

OCCUPATION: Travel vlogger and brand ambassador

INTERESTS: Travelling to remote places in Bangladesh and adventure sports.

AMBITION IN LIFE: I would like to visit countries to raise Bangladesh flag and to fight for Bangladeshi womens’ rights to travel.




Welcome to my country………..BANGLADESH!!!

Hi, my name is Priota Iftekhar and I am Miss Tourism Bangladesh 2017.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Bangladesh.

As an ambassador for tourism in my country I will use my platform to ease traveling around Bangladesh easier for travellers. I host people all over the world 365 days at home. Despite my challenges as an orphan, visitors get to stay and eat at my residence free of cost and not only so, our district representatives host them in different parts of Bangladesh and give them free guide. I also engaged myself in several divisional branding, making video blogs to promote each divisions and festivals. I also encourage famous video bloggers of the world to visit and promote Bangladesh.

Come for a visit and see everything Bangladesh has to offer for yourself.